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Data Centres and Security

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Data centres and security

"One of the main risks when it comes to cloud computing is the danger of giving up the control of your own data to another party"

According to research by Gartner, 25 percent of businesses are set to invest in big data over the next two years, showing that big data is an extensive industry. For companies looking to acquire large amounts of data, many are turning to a public or private cloud system for a flexible storage opportunity.

In our blog; why your business should look into using data centres, we looked at in-house data centres and the reasons why businesses should consider making use of them before automatically turning towards a cloud system. Whilst it is true that using cloud computing does reduce IT costs and speed up operations, some IT specialists are questioning whether business owners are fully aware of the security issues that come along with it.

Tech giants like Microsoft are emphasising that for company efficiency, renting from a large tech firm is much more effective than managing your own computer servers. This means that as opposed to working from an office computer with a local server, the cloud would provide employees with the opportunity to work in any location, so long as there is an internet connection present. This can therefore provide improved work flexibility, and even a rise in productivity. With the notion of working remotely becoming increasingly popular, it isn’t surprising that more and more businesses are turning towards the idea of cloud computing.

That being said, it is important to keep in mind that the data being stored in these cloud systems are often held in places outside of the UK - something many companies are not always aware of. With Brexit at the front of everyone’s minds, many are speculating on what impact the UK’s departure from the EU could have on the IT industry, particularly with regards to subcontracted data centres.

Giving up control

One of the main risks when it comes to cloud computing is the danger of giving up the control of your own data to another party. Security threats are and will always be present, which is why software developers and data centre operators have to always remain one step ahead. One wrong move and a business’ data could be at risk.

Many companies outsource their data management, automatically assuming that all security procedures have been taken care of. However, this is definitely something that should not be assumed.


For organisations aiming to protect their data in the UK, an obvious concern is Brexit. Businesses will be primarily concerned with UK data protection laws as Brexit looms. As we all know, keeping customer information protected is vital.

One important factor that businesses and IT professionals will need to bear in mind is the new 2018 General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). If the UK still wishes to continue conducting business within the EU post-Brexit, it will have to follow these stricter data security measures within Europe. As a result of this, data centre providers that function within Europe will need to tighten their security procedures.

For UK businesses, it is obviously important that their data is secured. Despite the hesitance surrounding Brexit, compliance plans should not be delayed. Whilst Brexit has brought a lot of confusion surrounding data storage, it is important to not simply wait for the unknown. Preparation is key.

Businesses are now able to relocate their hosting to where it is most secure and where legislation is a lot stronger. High security data centres that provide the latest encryption technologies are an obvious choice. Ultimately though, it’s all about taking control, and really understanding where your data is to ensure it is secure.

If you are yet to find a data storage system to suit you and your company’s needs, take a look at our Data Archiving services, or call us on 01792 439087.
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