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Nokia 3310 is making a comeback!

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Nokia 3310 is making a comeback!

"The most important feature of the 3310 was its endless battery life and Nokia have said the new 3310 will also come with boundless battery."

In February this year, Nokia announced at the Mobile World Congress that it was officially bringing back the Nokia 3310. Back in its day, this much beloved mobile was nicknamed ‘unbreakable’ because of its robust design, and Nokia have already stated they will not be detouring far from its classic brick-like shape. Nokia is partnering with HMD, a Finnish manufacturing company to release a whole range of new phones, including the updated 3310 handsets.

What features will the Nokia 3310 have?

It’s been rumoured that the device will still have some of the key features that made the phone so loved during its original launch in 2000, including the iconic and much loved game, snake! The iconic shape has been given a rounded more modern update, with a 2.4” polarised and curved screen window, which Nokia states will make for better readability in sunlight.

The most important feature of the 3310 was its endless battery life and Nokia have said the new 3310 will also come with boundless battery. You can talk literally all day (up to 22 hours talk time) or leave the phone on standby for up to a month without needing to recharge. The interface will come in four distinct colours, warm red and yellow which will both have a gloss finish, or a dark blue and grey both in a matte finish.

New phone features include a 2MP camera with LED flash for simple snaps as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The user interface has been modernised but is based on the original design. The phone will also have FM radio and MP3 player for music, as well as a headphone jack. It will have 16MB storage, plus a Micros SD slot which can support up to 32 GB.

So how much will the device cost?

Nokia announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona that the brick-like phone will retail for £42 at launch, which is cheaper than previous rumours suggested, the likes of VentureBeat which had reported that the device would cost around £50.

Too good to be true?

Could the remake of this classic phone be slightly too good to be true? Despite all its old and new features the Nokia 3310 will only run on a 2G network, according to the specifications on Nokia’s website. This could be a large problem as several countries are looking at switching off their 2G networks in the following few years. 2G networks is now considered pretty old, the frequency was first used in 1990’s and was the first network to digitalise mobile phone transmissions. According to the specifications for the 3310 listed on the Nokia website, the phone will only be able to function on standard GSM frequencies between 900 MHz and 1800MHz. There is another major downside to this nostalgic device, the 2017 edition does allow Twitter and email BUT does not allow users to use WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application.

So this may be exciting news for Nokia 3310 fans but could some of the downsides may put even the most dedicated of fans off purchasing?

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