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How secure is your email?

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How secure is your email?

"Approximately 10 per cent of all spam emails are malicious, a statistic that has tripled in the past year alone."

Security is a large concern in business, and with the rise in cybercriminals, sufficient email security is vital. Malicious hackers view company emails as an open door to potentially run your business into the ground. According to Google’s security blog, a corporate inbox is much more likely to be plagued by malware and/or phishing than a personal inbox.

Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity report has revealed that last year, 65 per cent of all emails were categorised as spam, making 2016 officially the most active year yet for email hacking. Whilst there are multiple ways for your business to become compromised, email outages and data leakage are still some of the biggest threats. With increasing concern surrounding these security breaches, it’s important you don’t let your business’ email security slack in 2017.

Why is spam dangerous?

We all know spam can be a nuisance, but it’s important to remember that it can also be a serious security threat. Approximately 10 per cent of all spam emails are malicious, a statistic that has tripled in the past year alone. Cybercriminals are using spam to spread malware, and ransomware - where malicious software thwarts access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid – amongst your company. Whilst an email may look like it’s from a genuine sender, more often than not they contain infected attachments and/or links to malicious websites.

Can malicious spam be prevented?

The latest ransomware ‘Spora’, is a strain distributed via email. To help stop strains like Spora from affecting your business, an advanced email security and filtering system is a must. With email being the main form of communications for businesses, an email solutions provider can offer you full email security. If your business’ data is particularly sensitive, then the security of this information will be your top priority. Plus, let’s not forget about backing-up data to help prevent your company from losing vital information.

How can malicious spam affect your business?

Cisco’s report also shows that organisations impacted by these cyberattacks suffer financially, with some facing up to 25 per cent loss of revenue. Businesses rely heavily on their relationships with customers, and with 50 per cent of organisations facing public scrutiny after a security breach, there is no better time to increase your email security. If your customers believe their data is being put into jeopardy, your business’ reputation can suffer; a crisis that could result in big problems long-term.

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