A complete networking system designed for you.

Design, Build, Install and Maintain.

We have the knowledge and experience to design, supply, install and maintain your networking system. We have experience of even the simplest of networking scenarios, such as remote printer set up, to creating a complete environment involving servers, data archiving and security.

We can even work from your existing infrastructure. If you already have a system in place that you do not wish to remove, but instead want outsource the monitoring and support, then contact our team for a free consultation on what we can do for you and your current set up.

Through clever planning, management and testing, SA1 Solutions focuses on exactly what will work for your business’ networking needs and provides a maintenance and support service to give you piece of mind that your networking system will always run at its best.

Benefits of Networking include:

  • Software and data sharing
  • Hardware and broadband sharing
  • Connectivity and communication among company employees
  • Increase storage capacity.

Why choose SA1 Servers?

Server Access

We are proud of what we have built:

Here at SA1 Solutions’ we are extremely proud and protective of the server set up we have created. We are one of the only Managed Service Providers that can boast our own data centre, that is build, tested and maintained by our engineers. As part of our data centre we have our own in-house server system and provide on and off-site server storage and support.

Netowrking Support

Disaster Recovery:

We have a solid and rigid disaster recovery solution to protect and maintain our servers. The in-house servers are constantly replicated and backed up to servers are various locations to cover all possibilities. After all, it is in our best interest that our servers remain fully functioning as not only do our customers run on them, but we as an organisation sit on our own servers. Because of this we have thought of every possible scenario and have the correct protocols in place. These servers are monitored, maintained and improved daily by the very engineers that built the original infrastructure.

At SA1 Solutions we came to the conclusion, why should we put our customers and our business in the hands of third party providers when we have the skilled and functionality to do it ourselves?

To receive a free, no obligations quote regarding our networking offering, call now on 01792 439087.

"SA1 Solutions have been extremely efficient with getting the new warehouse’s communications set-up to facilitate the transition to the new site and the consolidation of our operations in Swansea. Centralising our operations and having a site with the capacity for growth will not only increase jobs in the area, but streamline the business as a whole for better productivity and efficiency throughout the business. Having a reliable and responsive communications system and team in place is essential to this."

Matthew Harvey
Group Finance Director at Dr Organic
CCNSP Cyberoam Certified Network & Security Professional
CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark plus Solutions & Support
CompTIA IT business Trustmark
Fuse Mail
Microsoft Partner Silver
Dell Partner Direct Premier