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IT Security

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Is your IT security what it should be?

"Can you bear the thought of allowing your business to face a volley of attacks that could run your company into the ground? I doubt it."

Security; a word that often sends panic through the minds of business owners, usually because there is a kind of ignorance to this essential factor that can keep confidential and private information safe. Security should not be put on the backburner, especially if you’re the decision maker in your organisation. If security is an after-thought, you may not have much of a business left if the worst was to happen.

Are you at risk?

All the internet-enabled devices that we are now surrounded by are vulnerable to hackers and security breaches. The fact is, threats and hackers are constantly changing and developing their unpleasant tactics, and with their increased technological sophistication, it makes them more and more difficult to stop. It should be clear that protecting your IT infrastructure is of paramount importance. Can you bear the thought of allowing your business to face a volley of attacks that could run your company into the ground? I doubt it.
Security can be more of a concern for smaller businesses, due to apprehension over the cost of getting a robust security system in place. This is understandable when comparing the circumstances of small enterprises to larger businesses that probably have expensive and comprehensive IT support systems set up to battle any security outbreaks, minimising disruption to everyday business functions and loss of profits. For smaller businesses however, recovery from an online attack can be very troublesome if crucial defenses are not in place. You are welcoming a security storm. Small to medium sized businesses obviously have much smaller budgets than their larger counterparts, meaning that downtime as a result of serious security breaches from hackers could ruin the business, even to the point of folding.

Get protected

You have a choice: do you want to leave your business exposed to hackers, which could lead to a security disaster and subsequently, loss of profits and potentially even losing your business (and its reputation) completely? Or, do you want to invest in a security system that greatly limits security threats and keeps your business and its profits safe? You probably should be opting for the later if your business means anything to you. Talk to one of our security experts at SA1 Solutions to find out more on how to get an effective security system in place for your business. Our solutions don’t break the bank and can actually save you money, since there’ll be no need to pay out for disaster recovery with a system in place.

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"SA1 Solutions have been extremely efficient with getting the new warehouse’s communications set-up to facilitate the transition to the new site and the consolidation of our operations in Swansea. Centralising our operations and having a site with the capacity for growth will not only increase jobs in the area, but streamline the business as a whole for better productivity and efficiency throughout the business. Having a reliable and responsive communications system and team in place is essential to this."

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