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Benefits of transitioning to VoIP

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How transitioning to VoIP can benefit your business

"The most attractive feature of VoIP is that its services can be delivered at the fraction of the price of a traditional telephone system."

With BT announcing that customers will no longer be able to purchase Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) circuits from 2020, the need to switch to more modern communications methods should be a key concern for businesses (see previous blog post for more information).

But preparing for this change is not the only benefit of switching to its modern alternative: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). There are many benefits provided by VoIP, which outshine what traditional telephony can offer.


The most attractive feature of VoIP is that its services can be delivered at the fraction of the price of a traditional telephone system. The move away from traditional telephone networks means that long-distance phone calls become inexpensive as, rather than being transported over costly commercial leased telecommunications lines, voice traffic travels over the Internet, or over private data network lines.

Installation efficiency

Not only is VoIP cheaper to use, it is also brings savings in installation and maintenance. Installation requires little technical know-how. Businesses no longer require separate cabling for desktop or laptop computers and telephony – unlike traditional telephone systems – and this, in turn, reduces desktop clutter and fire hazards associated with electrical wires. Additionally, the scalability of this infrastructure means that it is easier to add new components.

With both IT equipment and telephony sharing the same technology and infrastructure, the network administrator only has to focus efforts on one converged network, lessening their burden, and contributing further to the cost savings that VoIP brings.


Voice traffic travels over the Internet, meaning that users can log-in to their telephony solution from any device that has an Internet connection - perfect for multi-office companies or companies with employees located at remote sites or home-based.

This mobility can make employees accessible, in or out of the office: they can install a VoIP app on their phones or tablets (referred to as a soft phone), meaning that a phone can use the same number virtually anywhere, providing it has reliable IP connectivity.


Certain functionalities or features are expensive or near impossible to add to a traditional telephone system, but VoIP allows access to the latest in telephony trends. VoIP is rich with features, like virtually unlimited extensions, a digital receptionist, or on hold music, to name just a few.

VoIP is multifunctional, which makes it very attractive to businesses. It can handle any kind of communication, whether voice or data, including phone calls, faxes, voicemail, email and web conferences.

Scalable and flexible

Calls can be redirected to different parts of the country instantly with VoIP, and users can have a single phone number irrespective of where they’re working. VoIP brings true flexibility to the voice user.

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