SA1 Solutions:
A leading Managed Support Provider

SA1 Solutions is a leading managed service providing based in South Wales providing IT support to various organisations across the UK. From small SME’s to large scale organisations in every industry, SA1 specialise in tailoring unique IT support packages to suite each individual client.

So, who are we?

SA1 Solutions was founded in 2005 by our Managing Director Simon Ahearne, who saw a gap in the market for a reliable and approachable IT service provider.

Since our creation the company has gone from strength to strength. We are proud of our professional jargon free approach, working closely and building trusted relationships with our customers. SA1 have various teams, including helpdesk, server and software teams all containing engineers of various skillsets. We work with companies in all industries including the charitable sector. SA1 specialise in listening to our customers’ needs and delivering the solution they want.

We are also one of very few managed server providers of our size that have our own in-house purpose-built data centre. Our Network Operations Centre is designed, built and continuously monitored by our specialist engineers. This set up has a stringent disaster recovery plan in place, with multiple backups in various locations in case of an emergency. SA1 Solutions and all partnering organisations run from our NOC, we trust our capabilities and believe in the strength of our server functionality. In our eyes, if its good enough for our customers its good enough for us!

What makes us different?

Our relationship with our customers is our main priority

We believe in being honest and open with our customers. SA1 has a no jargon approach to IT making sure that everyone understands exactly what is going on. SA1’s customers stay with us for many years, some have been with us since day one and we believe this is because of our excellent customer service and our honest approach to IT.

What makes us different?

Tailored service to suit your business needs

As an organisation, we understand how intrinsic IT is to the daily running of a business. This is why we do not believe in a one solution fits all approach. Every organisation is different, has different functionality, different approaches and different aspirations. We tailor every support package to suit each customers’ individual needs.

What makes us different?

Partnerships with an array of services at your disposal

SA1 is part of a group of organisations known as SA1 Group. This group consists of SA1 Solutions, an IT support provider, SA1 Telecoms, a telecommunications and broadband provider and SA1 Creative, a leading web and graphic design agency. Being part of this group means that SA1 has instant access to an array of services and expertise. SA1 can provide you with a tailored package that contains services from all three organisations.

What makes us different?

A skilled and highly motivate support team

As an SA1 customer you will have various teams at your disposal, from helpdesk, server and software teams we have an array of highly qualified engineers with a wide skillset. SA1 customers are monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, you can feel comfortable knowing your organisation is looked after.

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