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Providing hardware at competitive prices.

SA1 has spent many years providing all types of hardware to our various organisations.

From refurbed laptops to a £12,000 PC! From printers to servers we can provide you with a competitive, cost affective pricing, delivered within your required timescale.

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Providing competitive costings on all types of hardware.
All items of your business hardware need to be running efficiently to allow a user to work productively.

Your hardware is an essential component of any IT Solutions.

Hardware is the physical components of your computer system.

External hardware (your monitor and keyboard) and internal hardware (your modem and network card), all need to be maintained to keep your computer system working as it should be.

Its not just the physical parts of your equipment’s, it’s the software that drives them. Companies are continuously releasing updates to software and products. Not keeping up with the latest versions can impact on your productivity.

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What can SA1 do?

Ineffective hardware can affect your business more than you realise.

Having systems running slow can greatly affect your workforce’s productivity. We have spent years establishing and building strong relationships with our suppliers. This allows us to provide our customers with competitive hardware prices.

Whether you require a keyboard or monitor, a network card or modem, or even a brand-new server, SA1 can source the hardware you require.
SA1 will listen to your business requirements and find the best deal on your hardware.

No matter the requirement we can deliver on your expectations.

No matter what your budget is, we will work towards providing you with the hardware your business needs to work efficiently.

One of the most expensive PC’s SA1 has sourced and ordered for a customer had a price tag of £12,500! But many of our customers order our refurbished PC’s and Laptops. We understand that every customer is different, every business has different budgets and requirements, so we work with the customer to determine the best course of action.


You don’t always have to buy new!

In many cases, SA1 have been able to improve hardware just by completing tasks such as software updates, removing unwanted ‘junk’ and have a general system clean up. This is a service that SA1 provide to all customers. It may even be that a particular part can be changed, this is all things SA1 will consider and discuss with customers.

Why trust SA1 with your hardware needs?

SA1 has a team of engineers and helpdesk support advisors who have years of experience in this industry. For the many years that SA1 has been servicing hardware, we have developed a strong bond with our suppliers and always provide our customers with the best prices, within a timely manner.

No matter what your needs, from a small request such as a new monitor to a fully kitted out new office, SA1 has the experience and the connections to ensure your business has the hardware it requires.

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