Server Solutions:
SA1 understands that servers are crucial to any business.

Server solutions for all business’s requirements and budget!

SA1 provide tailored server solutions, specific to the needs of our customers.

SA1 understand that servers are an important part of any business. Whether your organisation needs physical on-site servers or hosted cloud, we have the experience and understanding to provide you with the server solution you require.

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We recognise that servers are the backbone to business efficiency.
Your server is your file storage and central application management solution.

What is a server?

A server is a computer, a device or a programme that is dedicated to managing network resources.

More simply put, it is a computer designed to process requests and deliver data to another computer over a local network or through the internet. Some dedicated servers focus only on one functionality, while other types such as a file server can be used for multiple purposes. Most medium sized companies will run multiple types of servers on their network. These can include web servers, email servers, FTP servers print servers, virtual servers and many more!

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How can SA1 assist your IT functionality?

Although cloud computing has taken a lot of the workload from servers, they still hold a key position in a network system.

They have many different functions and are an important part of your computer network. If you do not have the correct functionality you could be holding your business back. This is why is many companies choose to go down the route of outsourcing.

SA1 can provide multiple solutions for you and your organisations server software. We understand that there are multiple different scenarios a company may consider with regards to their operating systems, we therefore work with all types of companies to provide a tailored hardware and software solution.

Cloud computing solutions may have reduced the work load for servers, but they still play a vital part in an organisations networking system.
SA1 can provide server solutions for multiple scenarios, contact our server team today to discuss your situation and we can provide advice on what we believe is the best solution for your organisation

Scenarios where we can assist

Starting from fresh, with a brand-new set up?

Whether you are a new start up business and don’t currently have any set up, or an organisation that would like to replace your inhouse infrastructure. SA1 can design, build and install a brand-new server or data centre. We have relationships with multiple suppliers that offer a range of deals, so we can always find a solution to suit your business budget.

Needing upgrades for hardware, software or licencing

SA1 can also take over the maintenance of your current setup, provide upgrades as and when required or provide additional hardware and/or software to enhance your current networking solution.

Additional security and disaster recovery

SA1 can analyse the security of your current set up and provide additional measures to ensure that your IT network is secure against cyber threats. For more information on IT security and cyber security please see our security page here.

Don’t want the hassle of owning your own hardware? No problem we have our own data centre!

SA1 have our own fully functioning data centre here at our head office. We provided rented space, this can be a perfect option for small businesses who do not want the expensive cost of setting up their own environment.

SA1 Solutions have been extremely efficient with getting the new warehouse’s communications set-up to facilitate the transition to the new site and the consolidation of our operations in Swansea.

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For more information on the various back up solutions SA1 can provide see our Back Up page.

Backing Up your environment is essential for any business.
Cloud Back Up

SA1’s online cloud backup service is a fast, secure and automated system that enables an organisation to access their business data anytime and anywhere, via a secure internet connection to our data centres.

You simply log in through a using a web browser. Data loss can seriously affect an organisation in many ways and system downtime can cripple productivity, therefore it is critical that an organisation is prepared with the latest technology.

SA1’s backup manager uses a hybrid cloud architecture, allowing SA1 to restore business continuity after a disaster, our technology concentrates on reducing backup times by storing changes instead of full files. This allows the customer to back up files quickly and frequently, helping to reduce and prevent the chance of losing data. Our backup manager also uses strong encryption both in-transit and at rest, so you can be assured that additional security measures are in place to protect your data. By leveraging a hybrid cloud architecture our customers have the control and speed of an on-premise backup combined with the convenience and added redundancy of a cloud-based approach.


Off-site Replication

SA1 offers this option to any organisation, usually one server will sit with the customer and another will be positioned within SA1’s data centre.

This service for a monthly subscription will literally replicate your data every 5 minutes to the secondary server.

So, you may wonder what is the difference between replication and cloud backup?

Cloud backup will take a snap shot of your data at a specific time/date, (usually every 24hours) and will update any files that have been altered during that time period. In a disaster recovery situation cloud backup can be accessed via the internet but will need to be redownloaded to your new environment, this depending on how much data you have can take time. With replication our data will already be on a secondary device, all SA1 will need to do is either switch it on in our data centre for you to have full access or we can literally unplug that server from our centre and drive it to your location!

Replication provides that additional layer of reassurance that your data is secure and safely stored.

Why choose SA1?

So why trust us? SA1 have over 14 years’ experience in supporting servers off all types. We have a highly skilled and highly trained team of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that our technology and the service we provide is at the highest standard.

Our NOC had 24/7 monitoring and is backed up to various locations to provide a full disaster recover solution.

We are one of only few managed service providers that can say that we have our own in-house purpose build data centre.

Our Network Operations Centre is monitored continuously, it is temperature and humidity controlled, with a full fire suppression system.

This centre is backed up at various locations and a full disaster recovery solution in effect for emergency purposes.

To prove the strength of our offering and how much we trust our capabilities, we run our business operations through our data centre. All SA1 Group organisations are also dependent on our functionality, if it’s good enough for our customers, its good enough for us!


SA1 Server Support Options

SA1’s server only IT support includes features such as:

  • Unlimited contact,
  • Remote assistance,
  • On-site support,
  • System monitoring

Our systems monitoring allows us to monitor:

  • CPU usage,
  • Memory usage,
  • Desk quota monitoring,
  • System events,
  • Back-ups,
  • Network activities (including ADSL).

For more information on each of these and what SA1 has to offer for server support, see our full server support page here.

SA1 provide tailored server support packages to ensure that you get the most out of your server support!
What are the main benefits to outsourcing?

Reduction in cost

Having your own in-house set up is a massive financial investment for a company, outsourcing your server means your company not only saves money on hardware costs, but also manpower to monitor and support.

What are the main benefits to outsourcing?

Greater support and reduced risk

Paying for outsourced support is much cheaper than paying to support your own servers. The monthly subscription cost to a managed support provider is cheaper than hiring full time IT experts. Storing your servers or renting virtual space in a dedicated facility eliminates many potential risks, such as management, security, downtime and data loss.

What are the main benefits to outsourcing?

Scalability and flexibility

How do you know your business may not need to upscale or downscale? If your own your own data centre, you are fixed to the limits of the hardware you have acquired. A change on an outsourced environment can be done within a few minutes and is much more flexible.

What are the main benefits to outsourcing?


A lack of capacity can threaten business growth which can have devastating impact on overall revenue and profitability. The problem with capacity is you usually don’t realise how much you need until you run out. With outsourcing, increasing capacity is much simpler and quicker.

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