Cloud Back Up:
Never underestimate the importance of your business back up.

A resilient and reliable IT backup solution is key.

SA1 can provide your organisation with a tailored backup solution that suits your business.

We understand that not one solution fits all and therefore can tailor your backup space and length to your needs.

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Backing up your business is essential. Don’t take your business backups for granted.
The smallest amount of data loss can result in days of business downtime. Do not allow this to happen to your organisation.

Cloud Back Up

Running backups is essential to any business, loosing just a fraction of your business data could have a catastrophic affect.

The smallest amount of data loss could have your business down for many hours, or days even, as you try to recover what you have lost.

With GDPR standards now becoming tighter on data control, having a secure and reliable backup service is essential.

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Why is backup so important?

Especially in this day and age, every business must have a resilient disaster recovery procedure in place.

Backing up your information to a local backup such as an external hard drive is not good enough. It is not as reliable can only provide you with the last version you uploaded.

The technical definition for cloud backup, known also as online backup is the process of ‘backing up’, or copying data over a proprietary or public network to an off-site server. This process copies your data and stores a version of it onto another media or storage system. This method allows for easy access to that data if required during a data recovery situation.

With new regulations such as GDPR and with greater threats to IT security, it is more important than ever to ensure that your data is secure and protected.
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What online backup can do

  • Securely encrypt, using an encryption key,
  • Backup your files, databases and emails to our secure off-site servers,
  • Enable instant access to your databases and documents through a web interface,
  • Ability to recover data from other applications,
  • Backup all your data through the internet, day or night,
  • Gain access to your emails if your server is unavailable.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

There are multiple benefits to using a online backup service, some of the main reasons that SA1 found beneficial to our customers are:

  • Control, better budgeting with greater flexibility: Cloud storage provides all levels of better control, this service is usually set at a distinctive price per amount of storage required and for how long that backup is held. There is also greater control of growth, cloud solutions can scale so whether you are a small business growing rapidly or a large organisation there is storage space to suit.
  • Reduced risk and reduced downtime: Cloud computing benefits from all the latest security methods and it is much quicker to get back up and running in the case of an emergency. With cloud storage if your business is affected in anyway you can access your data instantly and keep your business up and running.
  • Zero Infrastructure investment or maintenance: As you will be using a cloud-based service, there will be no expensive hardware that you will have to buy or maintain. Your existing corporate computer network is all you need in terms as hardware. Your backup, if you choose to restore it is as simple (in most cases) as a download and requires no additional expensive hardware.

Why use SA1’s Cloud Backup Service?

SA1’s online storage system is a fast, protected and automated system that enables you to access your business data anytime, anywhere, via the internet.

Here at SA1 we have over 14 years’ experience providing businesses of all sizes with cloud storage and are proud to own our own IT centric office, complete with our own Network Operations Centre (NOC). This NOC houses our in-house data centre that is built, tested and monitored by our skilled engineers and is meticulously set out to follow our stringent disaster recovery solution.

Our purpose-built data centres provide our customers with a fast, protected and automated back up solution.
Having our own data centres means we have full control. We know exactly how they work and we have complete access.

Not many service providers use their own data centres, so why do we?

Well, we prefer to have complete control, with our data centres housed in our building that means at any minute our engineers can access them to complete updates, testing or general maintenance.

Our server room is temperature and humidity controlled, that alerts staff members if a limit is hit. We have a full fire suppression system that is connected to the emergency services. Our in-house data centre is also backed up to multiple locations to ensure that in all scenarios our customers, and our business is protected.

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How does our solution work?

As with all our IT services, our cloud storage is designed around your business needs and requirements.

There are so many ways we could assist you in creating a more secure and rigid backup. Depending on your situation, your budget and your requirements, SA1’s trained engineers will design a plan that will provide you with the best solution.

Once you are happy with our capabilities and have chosen to work with SA1, we will run an initial backup and complete a data transfer of all your data onto your new online backup service. We will then use a sync service to set up an automatic back up. On an ongoing basis, the backup solutions will complete file syncs to ensure that any updates made are stored and backed up accordingly. This is another reason why an online backup service is the best for companies that complete activities such as file sharing. It ensures that any edits made by any member of the organisation is stored and backed up accordingly.

We design your backup solution to suit you and your organisation. Work with our engineers and tailor your own disaster recovery plan, enabling you to have exactly what you want.
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