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The greatest feature of cloud computing is that there are solutions to benefit all organisations, no matter your budget or requirement.

With over 14 years’ experience, you can rely on SA1 to tailor the perfect solution for your organisation.

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Cloud computing is designed to allow organisations to increase productivity and efficiency throughout.
Cloud computing allows you to store, manage and process data in the cloud providing you with better security and greater flexibility.

What is Cloud Computing?

No matter what you are trying to do, whether you need to support your business operations or share documents to various users, a cloud service platform provides you with access to flexible and low-cost IT.

Simply put, Bristol cloud computing services use remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage and process data. This is instead of service that uses a physical device, such as a local server or personal computer.

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Different types of cloud services

There are three main types of cloud computing services. These include:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) The easiest way to define IaaS is to think of it as hardware as a service, or the rental of hardware. It is servers, storage, network infrastructure, data centre space owned and maintained by a third party, offered as fully managed, outsourced service on demand. For more information on our IaaS see our IT infrastructure page.
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  • Software as a Service (SaaS) SaaS is a method of software delivery and licencing where software is access via an online subscription, rather than bought or installed on an individual’s computer. SA1 are a professional reseller of licences, contact us today and speak to one of our engineers to see if we can save you money on your current software packages.
  • Platform as a Sevrice (PaaS) PaaS is best thought of as a platform or environment that allows develops to build applications and services over the internet. It is a service that is hosted in the cloud and users have access to this through a web browser. Software and web developers as well as businesses can benefit from PaaS.
With multiple types of cloud computing there is a solution to suit any business requirement.
Cloud allows business to profit from multitude of benefits, including cost savings, greater collaboration, better security and many more!

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

There are multiple benefits to cloud computing, some of the main benefits are:

  • Cost Savings
    Overall there are numerous cost savings to be made by using a cloud infrastructure. Firstly, with cloud you don’t need to invest heavily in hardware and then spend more money (and time) maintaining it, your chosen cloud vendor does all this for you! As an organisation you only pay for the applications and services you require. You can access your resources almost instantly and only pay for what you use.
  • Flexibility
    Cloud based services are the best option for business that have growing or potentially fluctuating demands. For example, cloud storage can be scaled up and even down to meet your business needs. This is the same for all cloud solutions, the level of agility and computing power that cloud provides a company gives you a real advantage over your competitors.
  • Mobility
    Cloud services means that your workforce can work from any device at any location that has an internet connection. This means that while travelling or moving between customer sites they can use their mobile devices to log into your business operating systems, they can also use a web browser to log in from home.
  • Collaboration
    There are also greater collaboration benefits to cloud. No matter what hardware or software an employee is using, or their location, if your business uses cloud computing services than teams can access, edit and share documents.
  • Greater Security
    Cloud provides greater security. If a device is lost of damaged this no longer affects productivity, or risks your organisation being in the predicament of loosing delicate data. As your data will be stored in the cloud you can access it and it will remain safe no matter what happens to your machine.
  • Automatic updates
    As your services will be run through the cloud, you wont own or manage the physical server, and therefore will not be responsible for any updates required. Your cloud vendor and suppliers will be responsible for pushing updates to anything from software to security as soon as they are available. You can sit back, relax and leave your supplier keep you updated.

So public cloud and private cloud? What’s the difference?

  • Private Cloud
    Private cloud also known as internal or enterprise cloud, is a cloud that resides on your company’s intranet or hosted data centre. As an organisation you store all your data on your private cloud. This is a great option for organisations that already own an expensive, well-functioning data centre. If you already have all the hardware you might as well use it! However, the main drawback to hosting your own cloud infrastructure is that all maintenance, updates and management is still your responsibility.
  • Public Cloud
    A public cloud is a cloud service provider by a cloud vendor, your data would be stored in the providers data centre. This means that all management, updates and maintenance is the responsibility of the provider not your organisation. Public cloud services are becoming extremely popular, with large organisations like amazon web services and Microsoft azure now providing the latest in cloud technology at a reasonable price.

Why use SA1 Solutions cloud computing services?

SA1 has been providing clients with affordable, personalised cloud computing in Bristol for over 14 years.

Our Bristol cloud computing services can provide you with reliable and direct connections to your remote server. We handle the infrastructure and on-going maintenance, so you can work with ease and get the most out of your cloud service.

We have been providing cloud computing solutions to our 100+ customers for over 14 years.
We are one of very few managed service providers that have our own purpose built data centres.

SA1’s data centre

SA1 houses our very own Network Operation Centre (NOC).

SA1’s data centres are designed, built and tested by our in-house teams. We offer customers both on and offsite server storage and support. Our in-house server system is temperature and humidity controlled, with alerts to senior members of staff if specific limits are reached.

Our NOC has a full fire suppression system and fire alarm alert system that is connected to the emergency services for DR purposes. Our servers are backed up to various locations to ensure complete consistency and uptime are maintained.

To prove the strength of our offering, we run our whole business and our partnering organisations on our infrastructure. If it’s good enough for our customers, then its good enough for us.

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