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Oil 4 Wales Oil 4 Wales has been receiving efficient service from SA1 since they began trading back in 2010.

A word from our client

SA1 Solutions have been very supportive and have provided an efficient service to us since we began to trade back in 2010. Oil 4 Wales have built a very strong and reliable relationship with SA1 Solutions. Due to the nature of our industry, we rely heavily on technology and having down-time is not an option, that’s when SA1 spring in to action to make sure we’re back online immediately.

Cary Jones – Oil 4 Wales

Who are Oil 4 Wales? How do we help?

Oil 4 Wales is an independent family run business, servicing the whole of Wales and their aim is to support the Welsh community and to encourage people to buy locally to keep the Welsh economy growing. Founded in 2010 with a drive to create an honest community company that is truly customer-focused, Oil 4 Wales has grown from strength to strength, with our turnover reaching over £100 million in 2018.

SA1 provide a fully managed IT support service to Oil 4 Wales, this means we support all nine offices locations across Wales, for all IT related scenarios, this includes hardware, broadband and Office 365 support and maintenance. SA1 also deliver full server support to Oil 4 Wales ensuring that their business stays operational all year round.

SA1’s Software team have created a bespoke financial and business management system called EM2 that is used by Oil 4 Wales. This system has modules with multiple layers of features and flexibility, this has given Oil 4 Wales the foundations to grow as a business. The key functions allow the management level to analyse the business productivity and see exactly what they are doing al the time.

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