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Archive of: August, 2020

How to video conference effectively 25 August 2020

For many businesses, video conferencing is becoming the new normal. This virus pandemic has forced nearly all office workers to home-locate, and in order to keep in touch, video conferencing has taken the place of the usual meeting-room and over-the-desk conversations. Though many people will already be familiar with this technology, there are some who may not have used this software before the government prescribed lockdown.

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What is the best video conferencing software available to help with remote working? 16 August 2020

Companies across the UK and around the globe have had to make significant changes to their working practices following the arrival of the novel coronavirus - aka COVID-19. Many employees have been directed to work from home (where possible) in an effort to limit its spread, and businesses have had to adapt quickly to accommodate remote working without it affecting productivity and service delivery.

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Cyber security risks during coronavirus pandemic 07 August 2020

As if one dangerous pandemic wasn’t enough, the coronavirus has led to a second – that of an explosion in cyber fraud and online abuse. Just as we have all had to adapt to rapidly changing and hitherto unprecedented events, so have the criminals.

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