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Archive of: July, 2022

What is digital transformation and how does it benefit a business? 27 July 2022

Digital transformation is when digital technologies are integrated into all areas of a business. Not only does this fundamentally change the way a business operates, but also how it communicates and delivers value to customers.

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SA1’s top tips for how to spot a suspicious email! 26 July 2022

One in 99 emails sent is a phishing attack. So, what is phishing?

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How to keep your company safe while remote working 06 July 2022

In the modern working environment, particularly due to the recent pandemic, there has been a huge cultural shift from traditional office space to remote working in the past few years.

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How the right IT solutions can ensure the modern workplace is secure 04 July 2022

After the huge shift towards a more hybrid working style, many businesses may be worried about increased security risk issues with their employees working remotely.

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