Covid-19: SA1 Delivery of Goods

SA1 would like to reassure our customers and any other business that would like SA1’s assistance during this uncertain time, that we are doing everything we can to follow government guidelines and still provide the utmost service to our customers. With that in mind we have created the following points that refer to the delivery of goods during this period of lock down. Our aim is to continue delivering a high level of customer service all while protecting our staff and our customers.

  1. PAYMENT: SA1 does not take cash payments and has always taken payment by invoice or direct debit.
  2. DELIVERY OF GOOD: With regards to the delivery of goods there are three situations:
    1. Where possible SA1 will purchase items and have them shipped direct from our supplier to the customer, reducing the number of participants involved in handling the item.
    2. If the items requires SA1 to complete work to them before it is sent to the customer then only a limited number of SA1 staff will come in contact with the parcel. Once received from the supplier the item will be cleaned, before and after work is complete and the SA1 staff member involved will complete regular hand washing. The item will then be placed in a vacant but secure location within the SA1 building for a courier to collect.
    3. If an SA1 staff member is to hand deliver the item, then SA1 will be in contact with the customer before delivery. The location of drop off will be confirmed between SA1 and the customer and a designated drop of location within the customers premises will be agreed upon, this is all to limit contact between individuals. This designated drop off can be a particular room e.g. reception or a foyer or a particular desk.
  3. INFORMATION/INSTRUCTIONS: If instructions are required SA1 will put all detail onto the support ticket associated with this item. This will be ensuring our engineers are adhering to social distancing and are reducing the contact between engineer and customer. Don’t worry, if you do require further explanation or assistance then customers can arrange for a call, either call our support line on 01792 464242 and speak with the engineer or if the engineer in question is unavailable at that moment in time reply to the ticket with the best method of contact and the engineer will call you back.
  4. INSTALLATION: If an installation is required then SA1 will work with the customer to determine, where the item needs to be installed and when the engineer can complete the installation with minimal customer employees in that area. SA1 will provide the customer with the engineers estimated times of arrival and an estimated time length for the installation. An SA1 engineer will then complete the installation and vacate the area. As per point three all information required will be passed on through the ticketing system or via a phone call between the SA1 engineer and the customer.

If anyone has any further questions please feel free to contact SA1 email or call 01792 464242.  

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