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Archive of: March, 2019

30 years of the internet – what’s changed? 27 March 2019

Last month (12 March 2019), the World Wide Web turned 30. Since its launch in March 1989 by founder Tim Berners-Lee, the humble networked information system that he proposed has developed to become an innovation that we can no longer live without.

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Flooded with problems? Don’t let storms affect your productivity 27 March 2019

We’ve been hit with a number of storms already during 2019, the impact that bad weather can have on day-to-day matters can be significant, and this cannot be more true than for those trying to run a business.

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Does your server offer the backup you need? 08 March 2019

A central part to your business server’s management is its backup system. But does your business have an appropriate backup procedure in place that ensures your data is kept safe, accessible and up-to-date?

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The importance of your business’ server 04 March 2019

The cloud has introduced numerous possibilities for businesses in terms of greater efficiency surrounding data storage, disaster recovery and security.

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